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Yasuaki Tani (Japanese: 谷 安昭, Tani Yasuaki) is a supporting character of Sayonara Cramer and Sayonara, Football. He is first-year student attending Warabi Seinan High School.


Yasuaki has sandy-brown hair and sandy-brown eyes. He was short and had somewhat curled sandy-brown hair when he was younger but throughout the years, he gained a lot of height.


Yasuaki is a confident young man who can be competitive when it comes to football. He is a defender who puts his body on the line. He has an inferiority complex towards Onda. When he was little, he was clumsy and a crybaby.


Yasuaki kept a photo of the time he was in the junior league with Nozomi.

It is revealed in Sayonara, Football that Yasuaki first met Nozomi Onda when he was little. He was being bullied by a group of boys in a temple. He was a transfer student to the same elementary school that Nozomi was attending so she declared that she will train him. Yasuaki proceeds to go through football training sessions that Nozomi created for him such as having him go on runs, eat boiled eggs, and kick balls. In fourth grade of elementary school, Yasuaki had to move away.


Sayonara Football[]

Yasuaki goes to Egami West Middle School. He hasn't seen Nozomi Onda in five years. He meets her in the streets and has a conversation with her. When Nozomi doubts his abilities, he argued that he did improve and that his physical body is a major factor to his improvement. He arrogantly asks Nozomi what could she do to him because he claims that being a boy puts himself a level above her. At the newcomers' tourney, he is surprised to see her participating in the game. After the match, Yasuaki and Nozomi re-establish their friendship after Nozomi acknowledges that Yasuaki improved and is now a strong football player.

Sayonara Cramer[]

Yasuaki goes to the same high school as Tetsuji Yamada, Kaoru Takei and Nozomi Onda.

In the anime, he watched the Warabi vs. Kunogi practice match. At the stadium that held the Saitama Preliminaries, he was in the audience along with Yamada, Kaoru and Junpei Onda.


Warabi Boys Soccer Team[]

Yasuaki is teammates with Tetsuji Yamada and Kaoru Takei.

Nozomi Onda[]

They were childhood friends who played football together. She called him Namek and he fondly labelled her as "boss" (Oya-Bun). Yasuaki respects and admires her. He also has an unrequited crush on her. He was determined to prove to Nozomi that he improved in the years he was away.


  • The name Yasuaki means "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu) and "bright" (昭) (aki).
  • Yasuaki's surname Tani means "valley" (谷).