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The Warabi Girls Soccer Team is the main soccer team of Warabi Seinan High School.

Team Information[]

  • Compared to the other teams in the series, the Warabis have known each other for a few months so they have to build up their teamwork.
  • Before Suou, Soshizaki, and Onda joined, Warabi was known as a weak team.
  • They use counter-attack soccer. Later on in the manga, they use gegenpressing.
  • They switch between the 4-1-4-1 formation and the 4-1-3-2 formation.

Known Members[]

  • Sumire Suou (周防 すみれ , Suo Sumire)
    • Previously the captain of her junior high school girls soccer team. She plays attacking midfielder position and left winger position. Wears the number 10 jersey.
  • Midori Soshizaki (曽志崎 緑 , Soshizaki Midori)
    • A highly skilled and talented soccer player, having ranked third in Japan for the junior high league and former rival of Sumire. She plays the defensive midfielder position and wears the number 4 jersey.
  • Nozomi Onda (恩田 希 , Onda Nozomi)
    • The protagonist of Sayonara Football, where she joined the boys soccer team in middle school, due to her school not having a girls soccer team. She plays the central midfielder position and wears the number 8 jersey.
  • Sawa Echizen (越前 佐和 , Echizen Sawa)
    • Manager of the girls soccer team and close friend of Nozomi Onda. The two of them attended junior high together. She appears to have an interest in the splatter and slasher film genre of horror movies, with a particular affinity for Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.
  • Aya Shiratori (白鳥 綾 , Shiratori Aya)
    • A high-flying and lady-like girl who calls herself the "Prima donna of the soccer world". She plays the forward striker position and wears the number 9 jersey. She is also shown to have some skills in softball as well.
  • Eriko Tase (田勢 恵梨子 , Tase Eriko)
    • Second year high schooler and captain of the Warabis. At the beginning of the series, most of the team quit after a humiliating defeat, including all of the second years, leaving the team with no third years. Plays the right winger position and wears the number 7 jersey.
Full Roster
Name Number Position Year
Karina Kakogawa 1 Goalkeeper 2nd
Makoto Miyasaka 2 Center-Back 2nd
Rui Kikuchi 3 Right-Back 2nd
Midori Soshizaki 4 Defensive Midfielder 1st
Ayumu Kishi 5 Center-Back 2nd
Saori Komurasaki 6 Left-Back 2nd
Eriko Tase 7 Captain,Right-Wing, Forward 2nd
Nozomi Onda 8 Center Midfielder 1st
Aya Shiratori 9 Forward Striker 1st
Sumire Suou 10 Attacking Midfielder, Left-Wing 1st
Noriko Okachimachi 11 Center Midfielder 2nd
Tama Asahina 12 Substitution Forward 1st
Sawa Echizen 13 Substitution Midfielder 1st
Mirei Hiraga 14 Substitution Midfielder 2nd
Ami Toda 15 Substitution Goalkeeper 1st
Aina Kato 16 Substitution Defender 2nd
Nana Kawakura 17 Substitution Defender 1st