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The Urawa Hosei Girls Soccer team is the main soccer team from Urawa Hosei High School.

Team Information[]

  • They are the winner of the Saitama Preliminaries for eight years.
  • They use the 3-4-3 team formation and the catenaccio system.
  • The system allows the wing-backs to be free and they can switch between offense and defense as needed.
  • They have a tactic where Adatara and Tenma switch places on the field.

Known Members[]

  • Chika Kirishima (桐島 千花, Kirishima Chika )
    • Wears the number 26 jersey. Second-year.
  • Alice Adatara (安達太良 アリス, Adatara Arisu)
    • Wears the number 11 jersey. Second-year.
  • Yū Tenma (天馬 夕, Tenma Yū)
    • Wears the number 12 jersey. Second-year.
  • Kei Hanabusa (花房 圭, Hanabusa Kei)
    • Strategist, she scouts other teams to analyze their movements and abilities. Second-Year.
  • Nanami Zaizen (財前 奈々美, Zaizen Nanami)
    • The captain of the team. Third-year.
  • Ayame Ebina
Full Roster
Name Number Position Year
Maiko Chiga 1 Goalkeeper 1st
Aoi Kobayashi 2 Defender 1st
Asako Kakei 3 Attacker, Defender, Wing-back 3rd
Nanami Zaizen 5 Captain, Center-back 2nd
Ayame Ebina 6 Defender, Center-back 2nd
Zakuro Shosaka 8 Midfielder 2nd
Mizuho Murakami 10 Mid-fielder 2nd
Yū Tenma 11 Defender 2nd
Alice Adatara 12 Forward 2nd
Kayoko Yusa 15 Attacker, Defender, Wing-back 3rd
Chika Kirishima 26 Defender 2nd