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Sumire Suou (Japanese: 周防 すみれ , Suo Sumire) is the main character of Sayonara Cramer.

She is a first-year student attending Warabi Seinan High School.


Suou has white hair and dark blue eyes.


Suou is cool and composed. Aside from the Warabis, she shows very little emotion in front of others. She can be rude when she speaks which is shown when she insults Onda because she messed up in soccer practice. Suou doesn't tolerate arrogant behavior which is shown in her interactions with Tsukuda. She doesn't like how smug Tsukuda looks and turns the situation around whenever Tsukuda tries to humiliate her.


Baby Suo watching the interview

When Suou was little, she happened to watch Naoko's interview while eating pocky. Suou went on to become the captain of Kawaguchi Middle School.


After losing to Todakita Middle School, she joined Soshizaki in watching the Urawa vs. Warabi match. After watching Eriko Tase, she becomes interested in joining Warabi.

Suou participated in the practice match against Kunogi. After losing to Kunogi in a practice match, she is determined to send to them to hell someday.

To earn money for new kits she joins Onda, Echizen, Soshizaki, and two members of Kunogi Academy to participate in a futsal tournament. She performs well during the three matches of the Saitama preliminaries.


Suou is known for her fast speed across the field. She is a left-footed player and tries to avoid using her right foot at all.


Warabi Girls Soccer Team[]

  • Midori Soshizaki: They were rivals throughout middle school. Their schools were next to each other so they faced each other in every tournament. Therefore, Suou saw Soshizaki as a thorn in her side. Her impression of Soshizaki improved when she suggests that they go to the same high school so that she won't play alone.
  • Nozomi Onda: Suou was impressed when Onda ran after the ball during a practice match because she thought she was alone in this match and that no one was going to go after it.

Her impression of Onda soured when she saw her doing nothing during soccer practice which led to Naoko Nomi assigning the team push-ups for punishment.

After Onda remarks that they are actually playing football, Suou replies that she has been playing football ever since she met the Warabis, showing that she has grown fond of the team.

Kunogi Girls Soccer Team[]

Mao Tsukuda: Suou sees her as a rival after losing to her in a practice match. She takes in delight at Tsukuda's attempts to break her cool composure. When Tsukuda demands that Suou gets on her knees to convince her to team up for a futsal tournament, she doesn't take the bait but instead shows a recording of Tsukuda, blackmailing her.


  • "We're the same. You're just like me." (To Eriko Tase, Episode 1)
  • "Personally, when people look down on me, I like to turn it around and look down on them in the end. That is supreme happiness. And the more people are watching when it happens, the better." (To Nozomi Onda. Volume 4, Chapter 12 )
  • "Your ferry fee. Do you have it? Are you ready to be sent to hell?" (To Mao Tsukuda, Episode 3)


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