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Sawa Echizen (Japanese: 越前 佐和, Echizen Sawa) is a main character of Sayonara Cramer and Sayonara, Football. She is a first-year student attending Warabi Seinan High School.


Sawa has lanky, grey-brown hair with deep brown eyes.


Sawa is a kind girl who supports her friends.

In the manga, Sawa has an interest in splatter and slasher films, with a particular affinity for Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.


Baby Echizen and Onda

Sawa is childhood friends with Onda and has watched Onda play football from when she was little to the present time. She has always supported Onda's efforts to improve herself.


Sayonara Football[]

Sawa is seen in the audience cheering Onda and the team on. She supported Onda's efforts to get accepted into the newcomer's tourney. She went to a temple to wish for Onda to get a kit. She comforted Onda in the rain when she didn't get in the official roster. When she realizes that Onda is in the game, she cheers for her.

Sayonara Cramer[]

Sawa serves as the manager for the Warabi Girls Soccer Team and the narrator of the series. She saw the team's match against Kunogi. In the anime, she decides to hold a cooking class. She explains that the team needs to keep up with Kunogi in stamina.

She observes the futsal tournament where Midori, Nozomi, and Sumire participate to earn money for new team kits. She also observes the Saitama preliminaries. After she meets Kazuo Takahagi, she is seen participating in soccer practice to prepare for the JKFB Interleague.


Warabi Girls Soccer Team[]

As the manager, Echizen supported the team from a distance. Later on, she became a substitute player.

  • Nozomi Onda: Sawa and Nozomi are childhood friends. Sawa was happy for Nozomi when she found fun in girls' soccer. Even though they are friends, she was mad at Nozomi when she didn't participate during soccer practice which led to Naoko Nomi assigning the team push-ups for punishment. She was happy that she finally got to play with Onda in an official match.
  • Midori Soshizaki: Echizen thinks Soshizaki is a dependable player.
  • Sumire Suou: Echizen warmed up to Suou, calling her Su-chan. She depends on Suou to make the run.

Tae Kokubu[]

Echizen thought of Tae as a strong opponent. She admired how talented Tae was.


  • "I'm sure the soccer career of your dreams awaits you. You've got Son-chan, Su-chan, and the rest of the team. You're not alone anymore. I'm excited for you." (To Nozomi Onda, Episode 2)