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Naoko Nomi (Japanese: 能見 奈緒子, Nōmi Naoko) is a supporting character of Sayonara Cramer. She is the Warabi Girls Soccer Team's other coach.


Naoko is a woman with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. She wears lipstick.


Naoko can be strict when it comes to training. She shows a caring side such as when she invited Nozomi Onda, Midori Soshizaki, Sawa Echizen, Sumire Suou, and Aya Shiratori to eat okonomiyaki at her family restaurant.


Naoko during her speech

Naoko went to Warabi Seinan High School. She went on to play for the Japanese national women's soccer team at 17 and eventually won the Bundesliga.

Six years ago, in an interview shown on television that would be seen worldwide, Naoko made a speech on how she wants to make people become interested in girls' football and recognize the problems that girls' football has. She tells the viewer that they will surpass her because she can't improve anymore. Lastly, she wants the viewer to protect the environment that allows girls to play football naturally.

When she retired, she returned to Warabi Seinan High School to help coach the struggling girls football team.


Naoko contacted Kenroku Washizu to set up a practice match with the Kunogi Girls Soccer Team. She watched the practice match between Warabi and Kunogi.

With the declaration to work hard, she created custom uniforms for the team. Unbeknownst to her, the team doesn't like it.

Naoko watched the team during the Saitama preliminaries. When Onda accidentally scored for Asaka Trade, she banished Onda to the bench as punishment and places Echizen at the starting line-up in the second match. Later on, she let Onda play in the third match. She was surprised to meet Kazuo Takahagi on the soccer practice field.


Warabi Girls Soccer Team[]

Naoko wanted to become a coach so she could train young athletes. She didn't expect the current team to be carefree. To prepare the girls for the practice match, she watched them closely and punished them whenever someone made mistakes by assigning 15 push-ups, 30 push-ups, 60 push-ups, and 120 push-ups.  Naoko grows to care for the team.

  • Nozomi Onda: Naoko believes that Nozomi is a player with unbelievable talent. However, she can hard on Nozomi because she makes mistakes on the field such as scoring a goal for her opponent by doing a diving header.

Kenroku Washizu[]

Naomi knew Kenroku since her national team days. Naoko shared her fear of being a bad coach with him. Kenroku assured her that she needs to communicate with them and learn from them.


  • "If we'd lost this match, it would've meant the end of girls' soccer in Japan." (On television, Episode 1)
  • " After playing the best team in Japan and seeing the overwhelming difference in ability, will any of them hold their heads up high? Do any of them have the resolve to get back up and race to the top? That's what I want to see." (To Goro Fukatsu about the Warabis, Episode 2)


  • Naoko shares the same voice actress with Tsukuyo from Gintama.