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Midori Soshizaki (Japanese:曽志崎 緑 , Soshizaki Midori) is the main character of Sayonara Cramer, voiced by Aoi Yuuki. She is a first-year student attending Warabi Seinan High School.


Midori is a young soccer player with twin pigtails, brown hair, and dark brown eyes.


Midori is shown to be caring towards Sumire and she is definitely relentless when she lost the last match against her in middle school. She even suggests that they go to the same school together so that Sumire doesn't play alone. She is competitive when playing soccer.


Baby Soshizaki watching the interview

When Soshizaki was little, she saw Naoko's interview on television. She became inspired by her. Soshizaki went on to play football in Todakita Middle School with Chika.


Midori works with Sumire Suou to help improve Warabi Seinan High School's team. She was placed as the number 3 middle school soccer player in Japan, and plays the left fullback position and the defensive midfielder position.

She participates in the practice match against Kunogi Academy High School. She comes up with a plan to earn money for new kits which was the idea to enter a futsal tournament. She enters the tournament with Nozomi, Sawa, Sumire, and two members of Kunogi Academy.

She performs well during the three matches of the Saitama preliminaries. After the match against Urawa, Soshizaki runs into Chika, Tenma, and Adatara at the Animate store. Outside, she tells Chika why she didn't go to Urawa. It's because she agrees with Onda's argument that there should be more than one good team. She also wants to try building a team herself.


Midori is known for her short and long passes.


Warabi Girls Soccer Team[]

  • Sumire Suou: They were rivals throughout middle school. Their schools were next to each other so they faced each other in every tournament. When Sumire lost to Midori, Midori felt bad because she saw talent in her. She suggests to Sumire that they go to the same high school. She was mad when she found out that Sumire chose Warabi instead of Urawa Hosei High School.

During a practice match with Warabi, she changed her mind and was glad that she chose Sumire over Urawa.

  • Nozomi Onda: Midori was impressed when Nozomi ran after the ball during a practice match. Her impression of Nozomi soured when she saw her doing nothing during soccer practice which led to Naoko Nomi assigning the team push-ups for punishment.

Kunogi Academy Girls Soccer Team[]

  • Mao Tsukuda: She met Mao at the national soccer championships.
  • Mizuki Kaji: She played on the same national soccer team with Mizuki. She was surprised to see Mizuki and tried hide behind Eriko Tase's back.

Urawa Hosei Girls Soccer Team[]

  • Chika Kirishima: Midori went to the same middle school as Chika. They were close friends until Midori chose Warabi Seinan High School over Urawa Hosei. She wants Chika to acknowledge her efforts to make a strong team out of Warabi.


  • " We should join the same team. Like, go to the same high school. or join a club team. I'll pass to you. We'll make it together. I won't let you be alone out there." (To Sumire Suou, Episode 1)
  • "I'm glad I chose Sumire Suou over Urawa. As long as I'm with her, I know I've got a thrilling soccer career ahead of me." (To herself, Episode 1)


  • Soshizaki is a fan of Heartthrob Country.
  • Soshizaki shares the same voice actress with Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


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