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The Kunogi Girls Soccer Team is the main soccer team from Kunogi Academy.

Team Information[]

  • They won the Girls' soccer Spring and Summer championships.
  • They are known for using possession soccer.
  • They use the 4-1-2-3 formation.

Known Members[]

  • Haruna Ito (井藤 春名 Ito Haruna)
    • The Kunogi soccer team's ace player and first year student. She plays the attacking midfielder position and wears the number 10 jersey. She enjoys eating pastries and is seldom seen without eating one.
  • Mao Tsukuda (佃 真央 Tsukuda Mao)
    • A freckled faced girl and Haruna's close friend.She plays the left fullback position and wears the number 3 jersey.
  • Mizuki Kaji (梶 みずき Kaji Mizuki)
    • The captain of the team. She plays the left midfielder position and wears the number 11 jersey.
Full Roster
Name Number Position Year
Kagome Shimono 1 Goalkeeper 1st
Himari Konishi 2 Defender 1st
Mao Tsukuda 3 Defender 1st
Rin Higuchi 4 Midfielder 2nd
Nino Yuuki 5 Defender 2nd
Futaba Kubota 6 Defender 2nd
Yomi Izawa 7 Forward 2nd
Leona Sanzenin 8 Midfielder 1st
Karin Karasuno 9 Forward 1st
Haruna Ito 10 Offensive Midfielder 1st
Mizuki Kaji 11 Captain, Left Midfielder 2nd