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Korenkan Girls Soccer Team is the main team from Korenkan High School.

Team Information[]

  • Korenkan has the current title of the best girls' soccer team in Japan.
  • They were unknown until Kazuo Takahagi became their coach.
  • Korenkan uses possession soccer and counterattack soccer.
  • They also use positional play to give themselves an advantage.
  • They use different team formations for when they are attacking and when they are defending (See Gallery).

Known Members[]

Full Roster
Name Number Position Year
Kazane Nakiri 1 Goalkeeper 2nd
Aiko Miyahara 4 Center-back 1st
Natsume Endo 8 Midfielder 2nd
Mika Kurusu 11 Forward Striker 2nd
Tohka Hinado 12 Right center-back 2nd
Rei Kutani 15 Center-back (offense), Midfielder (defense) 1st
Sanae Oyamada 16 Midfielder 2nd
Hinako Fukuda 17 Midfielder 2nd
Ume Fujie 21 Left-wing (offense), left-back (defense) 1st
Hinata Yusa 25 Midfielder 2nd
Renka Isurugi 27 Right-wing (offense), Right-back (defense) 2nd