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Kenroku Washizu (Japanese: 鷲巣 兼六, Washizu Kenroku) is a supporting character of Sayonara Cramer. He is the Kunogi Girls Soccer Team's coach.


Kenroku is an middle-age man with grey hair and he wears square-rimmed glasses.


Kenroku is a serious man.


Kenroku accepts Naoko Nomi's request to set up a practice match.


Kunogi Girls Soccer Team[]

Kenroku is a strict coach who makes big demands of the team such as making sure that they score at least ten goals and win a game with a clean sheet.

Naoko Nomi[]

Kenroku has known Naoko since her national team days. When Naoko shared her fear of being a bad coach, Kenroku assured her that she needs to communicate with them and learn from them.


  • "As coaches, it's our job to nuture talent. But it's also coaches that make talent rot. Cast aside your pride. Give them everything you cultivated. Talk to them. Learn from them. That's how we become coaches. Will they become brilliant diamonds or pebbles on the side of the road?" (To Naoko Nomi, Episode 4)


  • The name Kenroku means "concurrently, and, in addition" (兼) (ken) and "six" (六) (roku).
  • Kenroku's surname Washizu means "eagle" (鷲) (washi) and "nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den" (巣) (su/zu).