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Haruna Ito (Japanese: 井藤 春名, Itō Haruna) is a secondary character in Sayonara Cramer. She is a soccer prodigy and a first-year student attending Kunogi Academy High School.


Ito is a young girl with black medium hair.

She is wearing a school uniform that is black, purple, and white.


Ito is a nice girl. She voices her opinion whenever she wants to.


Baby Ito eating a roll while watching Naoko's interview

When Ito was little, she watched Naoko's interview. Ito was in the same soccer club as Tsukuda and Kutani in middle school. Born as a prodigy, she was admired by her teammates especially Kutani. However, when it came to the nationals she was benched because the coach preached that physicality was


Serving as Kunogi's attacking midfielder, Ito is a first year student and the team's ace player.

She participated in the practice match against Warabi.

Ito and Tsukuda runs into the Warabis at the entrance of futsal tournament. The Warabis (except Sumire) beg the two girls to join temporarily to meet the five-player requirement. Ito agrees and they start preparing for the tournament.


Mao Tsukuda[]

Tsukuda is Ito's close friend. They were in the same soccer club in middle school.

Mizuki Kaji[]

Ito respects Kaji as their captain. She fears Kaji's temper when she gets in trouble such as when she was caught eating food on the way to the practice match against the Warabi Girls Soccer Team.

Nozomi Onda[]

"Haruna Ito... at age 15, this girl, this famous prodigy, met a nameless athlete wearing a green bib, who stole her heart." (Narrator, Episode 3) She likes her.

She was impressed by Nozomi's Marseille turn during the Warabi vs. Kunogi practice match. She thinks it would be fun to play with Nozomi in the futsal tournament so she accepts the Warabis' request to team up temporarily.

Rei Kutani[]

She doesn't understand why Kutani hates her. They were in the same soccer club in middle school.


  • ''Before long, we'll be hearing it anyway, whether we want to or not" (To Mao Tsukuda about Nozomi Onda's name, Episode 4)
  • "I bet it would be fun to play soccer with number eight" (Internally to herself, Episode 5)
  • "She's skillful and strong. She's a ball of impact. I had no idea she was in my generation.'' (About Nozomi Onda, Episode 6)





  • Haruna enjoys eating pastries.
  • Haruna and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan shares the same voice actress.
  • According to Naoshi Arakawa, Ito's playstyle inspired by Roberto Baggio and Shunsuke Nakamura.


  • The name Haruna means "spring" (春) (haru) and "name, noted, distinguished, reputation" (名) (na).
  • Haruna's surname Ito means "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i) and "wisteria" (藤) (to).