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Goro Fukatsu (Japanese: 深津 吾朗, Fukatsu Gōro) is a supporting character of Sayonara Cramer. He is the Warabi Girls Soccer Team's head coach.


Goro's full body

Goro has short black hair and bags under his eyes.

He wears a white-collared shirt. He carries a horse racing magazine everywhere with him. He rides a red moped.


Goro is described as uncaring and apathetic. He begins to show concern for the Warabis after they are determined to improve themselves. When Goro played football, he was a positive force who encouraged and inspired his teammates.


Goro used to be a football player where he was considered to be the standout player of his generation. His passing was excellent and he had an eye for tactics. His football career came to an end when he injured his right leg at the U-23 training camp. He went through surgery three times and did physical therapy.

Goro does physical therapy

In the end, he could not regain his top form. He quit football and became a coach. Unfortunately, the JFL team he coached didn't like him and rejected his coaching. The team didn't win any matches and eventually fell apart. This experience made him become apathetic towards football.


During the match against Urawa Hosei one year ago, Goro's first appearance is him sleeping, showing that he doesn't care about what happens in the match. He welcomes the new members of the Warabi team.

During the match against Kunogi Girls Soccer Team, he voices his doubts about the future of girls' soccer to Naoko Nomi.

When the girls fail in their attempts to blackmail Coach Eiken Asuka, Goro hatches his own plan to blackmail him. During practice, he was asked by Naoko to teach defense. He refuses and leaves.

While Goro was riding his red moped, he sees his junior Kazuo Takahagi captured by the girls. He takes Kazuo to the field to watch the girls play soccer. Goro leaves the field after Kazuo tells him that he shouldn't be a coach for these girls if he doesn't have motivation for soccer. Kazuo reveals Goro's past to the girls on the way home from practice.

During the Warabi vs. Urawa match, Goro slowly becomes involved in the match by telling Nozomi Onda to take Chika Kirishima down in order to beat Urawa.


Warabi Girls Soccer Team[]

Goro was more focused on reading horse racing magazines than on actually seeing the team succeed in any way. He also didn't teach them about playing soccer itself. He begins to care for the girls when he decided to blackmail coach Eiken Asuka into letting them play with the boys.

Kazuo Takahagi[]

Goro has known Kazuo since his national team days where he first met him at the U-18 training camp. He inspired Kazuo and his teammates to work hard.


  • "Their number 10 is good, sure. She's an interesting player. But do you have the foundation necessary to raise her into a world-class player? does girls' soccer have a future?" (To Naoko Nomi, Episode 2)
  • "The only thing that score and game highlighted was the level of perfection Kunogi Academy achieved. But the impact of a single play wiped it out. And the player who did that... is frustrated, huh?" (About Nozomi Onda, Episode 4)
  • "I always intended to coach. My schedule just got moved forward. Remember what you said? let's become coaches and face each other." (To Kazuo Takahagi, Episode 8)


  • The name Goro means "I, me" (吾) (go) and "melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful" (朗) (ro).
  • Goro's surname Fukatsu means "deep" (深) (fuka) and "haven, port, harbor, ferry" (津) (tsu).