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Farewell, My Dear Cramer is an anime television series adaptation of Sayonara Cramer written and illustrated by the mangaka Naoshi Arakawa about girls' soccer.


Over the years, the reputation of women's soccer in Japan has decreased. Despite this, there is hope in several schools.

The story focuses on Nozomi Onda, Sumire Suou, and Midori Soshizaki. Nozomi Onda is a prodigy who played for the boys' soccer team when she was in middle school. She is only motivated to play her best when facing worthy opponents. Meanwhile, Sumire Suou is a player with exceptional talent however it was hindered by her middle school team that could not keep up with her abilities. Lastly, Midori Soshizaki is a talented player who led her middle school to third place in the nation.

The three girls cross paths as members of the Warabi Seinan High School's girls' soccer team. In this new field, the girls begin to display their full potential and skills. Along with their teammates, they will ensure that the sport begins its journey back into the spotlight.


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The anime has thirteen episodes.


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The anime series is animated by Liden Films. It is directed by Seiki Takuno. The script is written by Natsuko Takahashi. The music is composed by Masaru Yokohama.


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The Cramer in the title refers to Dettmar Cramer [1] who was a German football player and coach. Cramer is considered to be the father of modern football in Japan. He died a few days before the manga's first chapter so Naoshi Arakawa named the series "Farewell My Dear Cramer" as a tribute to continue growing Japanese football.



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