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Eisen Funabashi High School is home to the Eisen Girls Soccer Team. It is located in the Chiba prefecture.


The uniform worn by Tae.

  • The uniform consists of the colors red, white, and blue.
  • The team's kit is a blue shirt with red stripes, inspired by Barcelona.


Eisen Funabashi's first appearance is in Volume 5 of Sayonara,Cramer. They faced off against Kunogi Academy and Korenkan in the Kanto Qualifiers. Later on, they face the Warabis in the semi-finals of the JKFB Interleague. They were in the audience in the Warabi vs. Korenkan match.


Kunogi Academy[]

Eisen and Kunogi has a one-sided rivalry. Kaji from Kunogi declared that they will come after Eisen for revenge next time.


When Eisen lost to Korenkan in the Kanto qualifiers, they swore revenge against Korenkan.

Warabi Seinan High School[]

Eisen has a friendly rivalry with the Warabis. Naoko was impressed with Eisen because of how they became the best team in the Chiba prefecture without having a coach.

Kanto Qualifiers[]

  • Eisen Funabashi vs. Kunogi Academy [Score: 3-2]