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This is a page of the coaches handling soccer or other teams in Sayonara Cramer and the anime Farewell My Dear Cramer.


Kouzou Samejima.jpg
Kouzou Samejima

The coach of the Fuji Daiichi Boys Team.

Naoko Nomi.jpg
Naoko Nomi

A retired professional soccer athlete and a coach to the Warabis.

Goro Fukatsu.jpg
Goro Fukatsu

The uncaring and apathetic head coach to the Warabis.

Kenroku Washizu.jpg
Kenroku Washizu

The strict coach of the Kunogi Girls Soccer Team.

Masahiro Gotouda.png
Masahiro Gotoda

The coach of the Urawa Hosei Girls Soccer Team. He is flirty towards women.

Kazuo Takahagi
Eiken Asuka.jpg
Eiken Asuka

The coach of the Warabi Boys Soccer Team