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Aya Shiratori (Japanese: 白鳥 綾, Shiratori Aya) is a supporting character of Sayonara Cramer. She is a first-year student attending Warabi Seinan High School.


Aya has sandy-brown hair that is tightly-held back in a ponytail with two chin-length hair strands hanging in front of her ears and greenish-hazel eyes.


Aya has an arrogant personality. She is confident of her own abilities despite making mistakes when kicking the ball. She has a habit to laugh obnoxiously whenever she thinks she did well. She sees herself as rich and looks down on others which can be shown when she called Sumire Suou a peasant.


Aya serves in the forward striker position on the Warabi Girls Soccer Team. She first meets the members of the Warabis during practice. She participated in the practice match against Kunogi.

Aya went with the senior teammates to join the futsal match to earn money for the new kits. However, she got on the wrong train and went far away from the tournament. As punishment, she is tied upside down by her legs.

Aya is shown to be good at softball when she played against Onda's team during PE. She did well in the Saitama preliminaries.


Nozomi Onda[]

Aya doesn't like Onda because she didn't do anything for soccer practice which made Naoko Nomi assign push-ups for punishment. When Aya messes up a kick, Onda lectures her. After constant verbal abuse from Onda, Aya doesn't respect her.


  • “Why always me? Victory and the title of Capocannoniere are always mine. The primadonna of the soccer world, born on the offside line. Everything belongs to me, Aya Shiratori!" (Her introduction, Episode 1)
  • "The star is always last to take the stage!" (When going after the ball, Episode 3)
  • "But don’t you thinks it’s kind of stylish? Like something rich people would wear." (Her reaction to Naoko Nomis customized kit, Episode 5)
  • "Pass the ball right to me and I shall score a beautiful goal" (To Midori Soshizaki, Episode 9)
  • ''Pass pass pass pass pass!'' (To Soshizaki, Episode 9)


  • The name Aya means "design" (綾).
  • Aya's surname Shiratori means "white" (白) (shira) and "bird, poultry, fowl" (鳥) (tori).


  • Aya would be considered to be the Ojou-sama trope due to her behavior and laugh.